Skin Reconstruction

Our surgeon performs skin reconstruction in complex or specialised sites, with a focus on the face, neck and hands. It’s important to entrust your reconstruction to a plastic surgery specialist with extensive training, experience and skill.

Skin reconstruction surgery restores form and function to the face, neck and hands

Our plastic surgeon performs skin reconstruction surgery in complex sites which require a high level of knowledge, experience and finesse to repair. With years of expertise in reconstruction, the surgery outcomes ensure a more normal appearance and well-hidden scars.

Many of these procedures are complex, requiring scar revision, flap repairs or skin grafting. Additional complementary treatments include fat transfer, scar management and LED light therapies.

The main aim of reconstructive surgery is to restore the skin to a better appearance and to restore any function that may have been lost as the result of earlier injuries or surgeries. It may be done under local anesthesia, depending on the extent of repairs required. More complicated repairs are done under general anesthesia, requiring hospitalisation.

For every step of your plastic surgery
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Bendigo Plastic Surgery follows a simple tried-and-tested process for our surgical procedures. From initial consultation, to recovery and beyond, our team will look after you.


Before surgery

Your initial appointment will be a consultation only, to allow planning and preparation for a procedure that will mostly be performed as a day surgery. More complex cases may necessitate an overnight stay in hospital, and this will be discussed at your appointment.

Before undergoing surgery it is important to be as fit as possible, to stop smoking at least six weeks both prior to and after surgery. Avoid vigorous exercise after surgery, set up a good support system at home and avoid medications like aspirin and fish oil.


During surgery

Many skin reconstruction surgeries are performed under a general anaesthetic, while others are quite easily done with a local or regional anaesthesia. Simple procedures may be performed under local anaesthetic in our clinics or Bendigo Day Surgery.

Using a wide range of reconstructive techniques, your plastic surgeon uses gentle and precise tissue repair to perform skin and soft tissue reconstruction.These techniques will minimise visible scar, deformity and  restore important function.


After surgery

Your surgeon will give you detailed instructions on caring for the wound, donor sites and your return to daily activities. You will be told how long to keep the dressings in place. Most sites can be gently washed and showered the next day. Skin graft sites and donor wounds however are left clean and dry for a week. It is important to avoid vigorous activity for at least one week.

For minor procedures, pain is well managed with paracetamol and rest. Minor bruising and swelling is common in the days after surgery but will then settle. Please contact our clinic if you have any concerns.

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You don’t have to travel to the city for plastic surgery. Richard Dickinson MBBS FRACS is a Sydney-trained surgeon who brings a wealth of expertise to Bendigo, a place he has called home for 20 years. Conveniently located in central Bendigo, our clinic offers the best of both worlds - best practice plastic surgery in a convenient location close to home.

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