Hand Surgery

Hand surgery manages a larger number of developmental, traumatic and acquired hand conditions. Our surgeon has extensive experience in this subspecialty of reconstructive surgery, and can also treat carpal tunnel, trigger finger and mucous cysts.

Hand surgery can treat a number of developmental, traumatic and acquired hand conditions

Hand surgery is used to treat a variety of acquired conditions, injuries and developmental abnormalities. Acquired hand symptoms can be the result of disease or family inheritance, with Dupuytren’s disease (also known as Viking’s disease) being one example. It’s common in Central Victoria, due to the British ancestry of many in the area.

Most hand surgery can be treated as day surgery, but requires ongoing care and therapy with an occupational therapist or physiotherapist. Hand surgery is also a treatment for carpal tunnel, trigger finger and mucous cysts. Our surgeon has years of experience operating on children with hand abnormalities from birth or early development.

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Before surgery

Hand surgery assessment is biased to correction of hand function over appearance.

Your surgeon will take a detailed history to prioritise your functional concerns and losses. Other diseases and conditions will be considered, particularly their impact on restoration and return to function. Urgency of surgery will be balanced on the impact this problem is having on your everyday use of the hands. Hand therapy - including splinting as required - is an essential part of your care and will be arranged at this time.

Most surgery is performed under anaesthetic or regional nerve block in a day hospital. Microsurgical techniques are often used. It is important to manage blood thinners and arrange for care at home because the hand will be placed in a sling and unable to be used, often as long as a week.


During surgery

Most hand surgery can be treated as day surgery, often with you asleep. The specifics of the procedure will depend on the condition being treated, and you will be able to discuss this with your surgeon beforehand.

Common hand surgery procedures repair tendons, nerves, blood vessels, bones and joints. A tourniquet is often used to avoid bleeding and help identify and protect these vital tissues as microsurgery techniques correct your condition. There are a variety of techniques used in hand surgery, including release, needle incision, grafting, flap surgery and replantation or reattachment of parts. 


After surgery

Most patients will experience minimal discomfort, best managed by hand elevation, rest in a splint and paracetamol. Patients can expect some swelling after surgery, and your surgeon will provide detailed instructions for the days and weeks of recovery, including information about showering, dressings, exercises and supportive splints and garments.

After hand surgery, ongoing hand therapy, including splinting is vital to supporting your recovery. We will refer you to skilled practitioners who have a minimum of 4 years of specialised hand training, in addition to their university qualifications.

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