Eye Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Blepharoplasty is commonly referred to as eyelid surgery or an eyelift. The solution to droopy or sagging eyelids, blepharoplasty can correct upper eyelid issues and eliminate imperfections like puffy, tired looking eyes.

Eyelid surgery corrects imperfections, for a fresh and rested looking appearance

Blepharoplasty is a procedure that repositions skin and redistributes or removes fat from the upper and lower eyelids. Eyelid surgery can correct drooping upper lids and puffy bags below your eyes; features that make you look older and more tired than you feel - they may even interfere with your vision (you may be eligible for a Medicare rebate if the upper lids obscure your eyesight).

Blepharoplasty has proven results when it comes to correcting imperfections like double or hooded eyelids, but it cannot lift sagging eyebrows, remove crow’s feet and other wrinkles or eliminate dark circles underneath your eyes.

There are very few complications with upper eyelid surgery. Lower lid surgery is more demanding and complex, ectropion (droopy lower lid) is a recognised complication of this surgery. This is often only temporary, but may require further surgery if it persists.

Some medical conditions make blepharoplasty more risky: these include thyroid problems like Grave’s disease, dry eyes (lack of adequate tears) and other eye conditions.

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Before surgery

Your first step is a consultation with our plastic surgeon, to discuss your goals and expectations and to determine whether you need to do all four eyelids or whether it is just the upper or lower lids respectively.

It will also be established whether skin as well as fat will be repositioned or removed. Invagination blepharoplasty is recommended for more natural and longer lasting results We’ll discuss whether additional procedures like brow lifting or canthopexy (lower lid lifting) may be appropriate. Don’t hesitate to ask us anything – we’re here to help.


During surgery

Blepharoplasty is usually performed under a general anaesthetic in hospital, and the procedure can take up to an hour depending on the extent of the surgery. When all four eyelids are being done the surgeon will generally work on the upper lids first.

The surgeon makes incisions in the natural lines and creases of the upper lids and just below the lashes in the lower lids. Separating the skin from underlying tissue, excess fat  and muscle can be removed as necessary. The most important step of tissue lifting and fixation occurs next. Finally the skin is trimmed and closed with fine sutures. No dressings are required, just eye ointment.


After surgery

Your eyelids may feel heavy and stingy, but this can be alleviated with cold compresses and simple pain medication. Your vision may be blurred for 24 hours: we’ll show you how to keep your head elevated for the next few days, and how to reduce any swelling or bruising.

We’ll also show you how to clean your eyes, which may remain gummy for a week or so. For the first few weeks you may also experience some dryness or excessive tearing and sensitivity to light. It will be around two weeks before your eyelids start to look and feel normal, some months before all swelling has gone.

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