Male Breast Reduction (Gynaecomastia)

Male breast reduction surgery resolves what we colloquially refer to as “man boobs” - a condition called gynaecomastia, where excess breast tissue develops in men. Currently, there are no non-surgical options available for treating gynaecomastia.

Male breast reduction eliminates abnormal breast tissue, to restore a more toned and natural look

Male breast formation is common. Young adolescent men will all develop a small bud of breast tissue behind the nipple and areola, which in most men will disappear by the age of twenty. Gynaecomastia covers a spectrum of abnormal breast tissue that persists in men, often just on one side.

This can be an embarrassing problem for many men, and currently there are no non- surgical treatments available to treat the condition. Traditional surgery has left visible scars on the chest, but fortunately the majority of men can be treated by minimal access surgery. Medicare rebates often apply, as it is not considered a cosmetic treatment.

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Before surgery

At your initial consultation the surgeon will assess the amount and distribution of abnormal breast tissue, and will discuss the improvements that are realistically possible. A thorough medical assessment will be done, and common causes will be discussed.

Your surgeon will discuss minimal access surgery using lipoaspiration through fine incisions. Occasionally repeat surgery will be planned

Before undergoing surgery it is important, to stop smoking at least six weeks prior to surgery, reduce alcohol consumption, set up a good support system at home and avoid medications like aspirin and fish oil.


During surgery

Male breast reduction is most often done as day surgery under a general anaesthetic. Commonly, a minimal access technique called lipoaspiration will be done. A fine cannula and suction are used to remove the excess breast tissue; the fine stab scars will fade and hide.

This surgery depends on the candidate having good skin quality with the ability to shrink. Compression garments are used for support and are worn continuously for six to eight weeks. In larger volume circumstances, surgery is staged to allow for skin recovery over a six month period, then surgery is repeated, to avoid visible scars.


After surgery

The recovery of tissues can take weeks to months, depending on your individual circumstances. It’s important to avoid vigorous upper body activity resulting from heavy lifting, strenuous exercise, swimming and sport.

Your progress will be carefully monitored over the next six months. In rare cases the condition can return. Surgical treatment can be repeated and combined with the use of anti-estrogen medication.

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