Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is often chosen by women who have had breast cancer surgery, to restore physical and emotional wellbeing. Many women opt for this procedure to restore their body image and femininity, bringing closure after a breast cancer diagnosis.

Breast reconstruction can restore the form and appearance of the breast after cancer surgery

Living with the diagnosis of breast cancer is difficult, but as many women have proven, the disease is surmountable. Current medical techniques offer amazing ways to restore physical and emotional wellbeing to cancer survivors, and many women elect to undergo breast reconstruction after a mastectomy or other breast cancer surgery.

Breast cancer surgery often requires the loss of part or the whole breast, with or without nipple or areolar loss. Breast reconstruction techniques have gained momentum and there are many options. Your other breast will play an important role when it comes to weighing up the various options available.

Frequently asked questions about breast reconstruction

What options are there for breast reconstruction?

Breast implants are a simple option for reconstruction, with various shapes and sizes available. Their reliability has improved considerably over the years, offering great outcomes to patients in terms of restored appearance.

Reconstruction can be done using your own tissue; this is a more complex surgery with longer recovery, but can achieve very natural results. Fat grafting and transfer is often used with all techniques.

When should you consider breast reconstruction?

A breast cancer diagnosis is often overwhelming and your first priority is to overcome this, as reconstruction at this time can be difficult to manage and work through.

Most women consider reconstruction at a later date when they are less stressed, and have more time to consider their options.

Most importantly, breast reconstruction will not impact on your breast cancer outcome, treatment or follow up. Our surgeon will listen to your wishes and discuss all the current options.

What are the risks from breast reconstruction?

Breast reconstructive surgery is not a simple operation, but it is normally safe when performed by an experienced plastic surgeon, and we encourage our patients to ask the surgeon about his experience and training.

As with any surgery there is the possibility of complications, and the procedure does leave noticeable permanent scars that are generally covered by your bra.

The surgeon will thoroughly outline any possible complications specific to your planned treatment, so you can make an informed decision.

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Before surgery

It is important for you to frankly discuss your expectations during the initial visit with the surgeon, and it is recommended that a friend or partner attend. This visit involves a thorough discussion about treatment options and individualised care plan.

You will be examined, measured and photographed to plan for the surgery. The nature of your skin and tissues and the size and shape of your breast will impact on the planning and your outcome. The surgeon will describe the procedure in detail, outlining the risks, limitations and expected realistic outcome.

Further consultations can be arranged and financial information will be provided. The initial consultation is not the time when your surgery will be booked.


During surgery

Breast reconstruction is performed under general anaesthetic. Depending on the approach to your care, optimal pain relief is a priority and we often use regional nerve blocks to minimise the use of pain medication.

The length of the surgery can vary from a few hours (implant reconstruction), to longer microsurgical procedures such as TRAM and perforator flaps. Skin closure is with invisible stitches and light dressings.


After surgery

You can expect some bruising and swelling after surgery, and we will closely monitor your progress. As explained in earlier visits you will have instructions to guide you with each step of your recovery - this will include immediate showering, simple dressings and breast support.

It is important to refrain from strenuous activities, particularly using your arms to push, stretch and lift. Driving is best avoided in the first weeks and return to work is usually at six weeks. Your final result will be achieved between six and twelve months, and we will support you through this time.

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