Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Otoplasty is also known as ear surgery, prominent ear surgery and bat ear surgery. This is a developmental or congenital condition and often runs in families.  These procedures involve the correction of prominent ears, but also include less common deformities of the ear such as cup ear or lop ear.

Ear surgery corrects prominent ears, for balanced proportions and enhanced appearance

Ear surgery involves reshaping the ear cartilages rather than having the ears ‘pinned back’, which was done in the past. 

Patients mostly present in early childhood, brought along by concerned parents when they are being teased at school.Teenagers or adults often have dislike of their ears, hide them and seek correction. Recent changes in Medicare rebates exclude coverage over the age of 18.

Otoplasty is best performed when a child is old enough to understand and seek the procedure. This is often not until 7 or 8 years, which coincides with a time when the ears are adult sized. Otoplasty surgery does not interfere with the growth of the ear. 

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Before surgery

Our surgeon will assess your ear deformity and suitability for surgery, and will discuss your concerns and desired outcome. All children should be keen to have surgery and have an understanding of what is involved with their care. Photographs are used with planning surgery and you will be shown results in our surgeons hands. Most ears are not identical and he will discuss this with you. 

The surgeon will also provide a list of pre-operative and post-operative instructions. This will prepare you or your child for surgery and help to assist in a smooth recovery.


During surgery

Ear surgery is usually performed under a general anaesthetic as an overnight procedure, however with older and more cooperative patients it can also be done as day surgery. This will be determined on a case-by-case scenario as every individual is different.

The ear is incised from behind; the cartilage is displayed so its shape can be altered by scoring and suturing. Once complete, work on the other ear commences, in order to match the final result. A soft padded head bandage is applied afterwards.


After surgery

Mild discomfort is not uncommon symptoms in the first 24 hours, well managed with paracetamol. The head bandage stays in place for one week to control shape, bruising and swelling. Once removed the ears will remain swollen and discoloured for up to 2 - 3 weeks after the procedure.

The sutures behind the ear will fall out by themselves. Adverse events are rare, but minor bleeding can be a problem on the first day. Whilst uncommon, an unbalanced correction may necessitate further surgery.

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