Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is also known as breast surgery, breast enlargement or a “boob job”. It’s a procedure that involves increasing or restoring the breast size, to enhance the shape of the bust line or to correct imperfections after child birth or weight loss.

Breast augmentation increases or restores breast size, to enhance the shape of your figure

Breast augmentation - also known as augmentation mammoplasty - involves increasing or restoring the breast size, and is one of the most common procedures for women who wish to enhance or restore their figures. Our procedures are carefully planned to meet your individual needs, and we will formulate a tailored treatment plan for you.

Breast augmentation is an option for people who feel self-conscious about their body, or who wish to have larger breasts. It’s also common amongst patients whose shape has been altered by weight loss or for women whose breasts have lost firmness after having children. This surgery is also ideal if one breast is noticeably smaller than the other one.

The procedure is a long term solution, so there are several “musts” for anyone considering it: your body must be fully developed if you are a younger woman, you must be emotionally mature and understand your motives and you must have realistic expectations around the outcome and the improvements that can be achieved.

Your surgeon will explain the risks to you prior to surgery. Capsular contracture (breast firmness) is much less of an issue now than in the past. Infection is highly unlikely, and implant failure is difficult to quantify, though newer implants have a much longer lifespan. Change in nipple sensation is possible, but usually only temporary.

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Before surgery

At the initial consultation we will discuss your desired outcomes, and we will also perform a detailed check of your medical history. Following this, we will also carry out a physical examination in order to ensure that you are a good candidate for surgery.

Your breasts will be examined and photographed for the planned surgery. The size and shape of your breasts, chest dimension, quality of skin and nipple position will all be considered, and additional procedures may be recommended for improved results.


During surgery

Implants require incisions to be made in one of three locations: underneath the breast above the crease, around the lower edge of the areola or under the armpit. Once the incision is made, a pocket is created for the implants to be inserted.

The pocket is made behind the breast tissue or beneath the pectoral muscle, depending on the thickness of the soft tissue in the upper breast and chest wall. Your surgeon will discuss these options with you, and the factors which influence the decision.


After surgery

Patients can expect some bruising and swelling after surgery, and your surgeon will provide detailed instructions for the days and weeks of recovery, including information about showering, dressings and supportive garments.

It’s important to refrain from strenuous activities, particularly using your arms to push and lift. Wearing a new sports bra is recommended for comfort, and gently massaging the new breasts is recommended in the early post-operative period.

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